Little ones grow up so fast, and just like they need the right clothing, they also need well-fitting and comfortable shoes for healthy development. La Coqueta's range of comfortable leather shoes is perfect for every age, from baby's first shoes for crawling to their first pair of school shoes and special occasion styles for girls and boys.

Why Measuring Your Children’s Feet Is Important

We recommend measuring your children's feet roughly every 8 weeks to avoid wearing ill-fitting shoes that can damage ligaments during growth spurts. Feet and bones are very sensitive during a child's development years, so it's important to keep on top of measuring and ensuring your child always wears the optimal-sized shoe.

If you're local to the Notting Hill, London area; be sure to take advantage of our expert client team in-store who will be more than happy to help assist with sizing and fitting for your children's shoes, or contact our online Client Services team for quick and easy advice. 

Alternatively, if you're buying online, save time, money, and resources by getting the measurements right at home with our dedicated size guides and expert tips on how to find the perfect fit.

How To Measure Children’s Feet

Measure the distance between your child's longest toe andthe end of their heel. We recommend your child only wears a light sock duringthe measurement process or is barefoot.Draw a straight line on a piece of paper and get your childto stand on it. Mark both the heel end and to end with a pen on the paper, andthen measure the distance between the two markers.We recommend generally adding an extra 15 millimetres to therecorded foot length, to calculate the optimum shoe size and ensure your littleone has some space to grow.

Find The Perfect Fit

Double-check La Coqueta's size guides to ensure you're purchasing the perfect fit for your child. Our seasonal ranges include versatile School Shoes for girls and boys, traditional Girl Mary Janes, and unisex Nappa Desert Boots for adventure-ready attire. Our Girl T-Bar Shoes have a narrower fit, so make sure you've checked our dedicated size guide first. For babies not quite ready to crawl, our Pram Mary Janes and Pram Booties are perfect for gifting or dressing up for special occasions, and growing toddlers will love the comfortability of our Mini Mary Janes and Nappa
for their reinforced stability.

When To Measure Children’s Feet

Feet expand during the day, so we recommend taking measurements in the afternoon for the best result. Also, be sure to measure both feet as one is usually bigger than the other! Always base your child's shoe size on the larger foot's measurements and repeat the process every 8 weeks to avoid your child wearing shoes that are too small!

“In Spain, we like grooming ourselves. This tradition has been passed from mother to daughter and influences how we dress our children. In our case, ‘Coqueta’ means well-groomed, so just like our clothes, the packaging had to reflect the same attention to detail.”

Hand Smocking & Shirring

A beautiful and intricate art that requires precise pleating and fine hand embroidery skills, hand smocking adds a special final touch to any outfit. Extensively used in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, we love the intricacy and detail of decorative stitching, with our new collection reviving a traditional craft with a modern twist, in true La Coqueta style. Expertly hand-finished by our ateliers in Spain, hand smocking is a practical finish to garments that is both form-fitting and flexible, with fabric gathered into pleats in a variety of ways. Devotion and love for craftsmanship help to create our shirred dresses, with horizontal rows of synchronized running stitch used on bodices and sleeves to build a fuller design element. Our hand smocked and shirred heritage pieces are timeless, designed to be cherished and passed down amongst families.

What To Look For When Buying Children’s Shoes

For girls' school shoes, La Coqueta has timeless options like traditional T-Bars, lined with buttery soft leather that is comfortable to wear all day long, and the Classic Girl's School Shoe which has a Velcro strap and sturdy rubber sole. Options for boy's school shoes include the Classic Boy School shoe with a rip tape fastening for easy on and off and the Lace Up Shoe with crafted stitching and brogue details.

When looking for girls' party shoes, La Coqueta's Metallic Girl T-Bars and Girl Mary Janes offer a traditional option with a modern twist, available in Mini Mary Jane styles for toddlers learning to walk. Find the perfect gift for a new baby or parent-to-be with La Coqueta's Pram Mary Janes, crafted from supple Nappa leather in a range of dreamy seasonal shades.

Size Guides

Discover La Coqueta's shoe and clothing size guides here.