Introducing La Coqueta Spring 2024

Introducing La Coqueta Spring 2024

La Coqueta Kids presents Spring 2024 Collection. This latest collection marks a captivating departure into a world of texture, colour, and artisanal craftsmanship that promises to delight parents and children alike.

Founder and Creative Director Celia Muñoz creates a remarkable tribute to the creative spirit that thrives within an artist's studio. Just as a blank canvas holds the promise of a masterpiece, this collection showcases an array of garments that are works of art in their own right.

Airy Suitings and Featherweight Layers: A Touch of Elegance

La Coqueta Kids' Pre-Spring 2024 Collection introduces a captivating range of airy suitings and featherweight layers, providing a feeling of sophistication and ease of movement for young fans around the globe. Light and breathable materials combined with La Coqueta's impeccable tailoring create a line of clothing that is both fashionable and functional. Standout pieces for girls include the iconic Aranda Girl Dress and the matching Aranda Baby Set, nautical-inspired linen-cotton pieces that prove a fan favourite for warmer climates. 

Artisanal Vibes and Vegetal Shades

The collection boasts a distinctive artisanal vibe with its textured and natural fabrics, with handcrafted details that mirror the precision of a masterful brushstroke. Pure linens and shades of vegetal pales make a bold appearance, bringing with them refined irregularities, celebrating the beauty of natural materials, and showcasing the brand's commitment to creating long-lasting, considered fashion.

Swimming in Texture: Embossed Surfaces Of The Artist’s Palette

For those who appreciate the tactile nature of clothing, La Coqueta's Spring 2024 Collection is a sensory delight. Metallic Nappa leather shoes feature embossed surfaces and wrinkled lightness, providing a visual and tactile richness that sets them apart. Solarized colours with multi-coloured stripes and pastel floral graphics seen in pieces like the Abigail Girl Dress evoke the vibrancy and creativity of the artist's palette.

Versatile Shades and Radiant Luminosities: The Colour Palette

La Coqueta Kids' Spring 2024 Collection showcases a versatile colour palette that ranges from melancholic to enchanting. Shades such as sage green, mustard, mauve and pistachio offer a sense of elegance and sophistication. In contrast, radiant luminosities bring vivacity and softness to the collection with hues like fuchsia, Capri blue, and soft peach.

Discover the collection online and at our Notting Hill flagship store and Poppy shop-in-shops in California, with new arrivals launching weekly.

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