Mums In Style | Candice Lake

Mums In Style | Candice Lake
We caught up with one of our favourite stylish mums, model Candice Lake (@candicelake), to discuss juggling her career with motherhood.

Photographer, designer, blogger and style editor - how do you manage to juggle each aspect of your work with being a Mother?

Having help and being militant with my time. For the first year of my son's life, I tried to do everything by myself, whilst still working full time, without any help from any family and it was incredibly overwhelming. Now we have a wonderful nanny and whilst I am still breastfeeding my baby girl Olympia, it gives me the opportunity to work during her naps and around her feeding. My main aim is that whatever I am putting my energy into, I am giving it 100%. Once I accepted to be fully present in whatever activity I was doing, life was a lot richer and our schedule was more realistic.

Do you feel that Motherhood has changed your attitude towards your career?

Having children and wanting to really stop and enjoy the precious and limited time with them in the middle of building a brand is incredibly challenging. I found this very conflicting personally and professionally, trying to balance the two. I travelled with my first son everywhere so we were never separated in the first year, and only took on jobs that were really important to me. It ended up being a really positive experience and made me really assess my direction, although at the time it was quite difficult.

You’ve collaborated with multiple brands, what’s next on the horizon?

I am about to go to India for a big shoot in early November which will be very exciting as I’ve never been to India and have always wanted to go! Ever since your modelling days you’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively during your career, what have been your highlights? Oh goodness, I have been so incredibly lucky to see so many parts of the world that I would never had the opportunity to, without modelling. I’ve stayed in ancient castles in Ireland, slept on deserted islands in the middle of the pacific under coconut trees, travelled for a month across the outback of Australia for a shoot, and then flew directly to Paris to stay in the Ritz. The most exciting thing about my career is that you never ever know where you may end up and with whom.

Do you have any advice for Mother’s who travel a lot with children in tow?

Be prepared for everything. My husband recently travelled alone to Australia from London with our 2 year old son. About 30 mins into the 25 hour long journey, my son was sick all over him. It was only then that my husband realised that whilst he had packed 3 changes of clothes for our son for the flight - he had none for himself! Be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much from your children. I try to travel as close to my children's schedule as possible so that I’m not boarding a plane with them in the middle of what would be their sleep. I cook as much delicious food as I can before long haul flights so my son is nourished with good food. I pack lots of fun things to do on the flight so we can play games together etc. Also learn the art of compartmentalised packing - I have bags inside of bag inside of bags! This way I can pull any specific item out of a bag with a moments notice.

How do you spend any downtime that you have?

Because I travel so much for work, when I am with my family we really switch off, disconnect from work and get outside together as much as possible. I love nothing more than getting a house for the weekend with all my favourite people by the beach or in the countryside and having long lunches under the trees and dinners by candlelight after a long day of swims.

You’ve always been well-known for your style. How would you describe it?

I wear a lot of bold statement pieces mixed with classic staples. I tend to wear pieces that I feel comfortable in whilst still experimenting a little. I think that is key - Have fun but don't divert from what your style is. Because I wear such bold pieces I love to keep my hair and makeup minimal with natural (I just rolled out of bed) hair and little to no make up with a shock of red lips.

Do you think that your way of dressing has changed or shifted since having children?

One must always have pockets to deposit small cars and acorn treasures! Since having my children, my everyday style tends towards tight pants paired with an oversized sweater or coat. I wear a lot of brogues and flats with cropped jeans . I also love sneakers with wide leg pants and a turtle neck sweater. When a woman is comfortable and chic, it’s a killer combination.

What are your favourite picks from La Coqueta’s AW16 collection?

I have fallen completely in love with La Coqueta! It is definitely my favourite brand for my little ones - the pieces are so timeless and chic. I especially love the espino boy look as well as the Nardo boy look!

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