Mums In Style | Henrietta Rix

Mums In Style | Henrietta Rix
Get to know La Coqueta’s latest Mum In Style; Henrietta Rix, co-founder of Rixo, new mama of two, and a passionate fan of vintage-inspired silhouettes. With her expertise in fashion and her role in creating the cult fashion brand Rixo, Henrietta is a powerhouse in the industry. La Coqueta had the pleasure of speaking to Henrietta about the humble beginnings of Rixo, her individual style, and the juggling act of commuting to London whilst being a dedicated mama to her two little boys. Join us as we delve into Henrietta's inspiring journey and glean insights from her experiences in the world of fashion and motherhood.

Can you tell us briefly about how RIXO was born?

RIXO has extremely humble beginnings. I founded the business with my co founder pretty much straight out of university, which is where we first met. In fact the first two years we operated the business from the living room of our rented uni house & the kitchen and bedroom were our stock rooms. We didn’t know anyone in the industry but we we’ve always been very passionate and ambitious. 

Where does the inspiration behind your beautiful prints come from?  

Mostly vintage, Orlagh and I are both magpies but it can be anywhere, an old scarf, postcard, trips abroad. 

As a Co-Founder of RIXO and a mother of two, could you share a useful tip with us that helps you find the balance between parenthood and running a successful business? 

It’s definitely a juggle and there has to be compromises, I commute to London from Manchester weekly for RIXO so I miss out on lots of things like the nursery pick up etc. Childcare is key, knowing my boys are well looked after means that I can be fully focused when I’m at work but then equally at the weekends I’m fully focused on family time. 

Does your own style differ much from what we see with RIXO? If it does, how so?

No RIXO really is an extension of my style, mixed prints styled with vintage jewlery. RIXO is effortless and slightly bohemian and that’s probably how I’d describe my personal style. I don’t have time to plan ahead outfits so I’m grateful for all my RIXO samples that I can put on in a hurry.

Do you look for new prints and shades when it comes to dressing your little ones? 

    I love quiet classic shades for my little ones, nudes, ecru, white, navy etc but I’m sure they’ll be a day soon where they won’t be having any input from me. 

    What is your current favourite restaurant in London? 

      Gymkhana is still a favourite, the food, service & setting never fails

      What is your top fashion tip right now?

        Invest in pieces that you can wear on repeat and don’t save items for “best” …wear that silk dress with a jumper over it etc. 

        What La Coqueta pieces are you loving this season?

          The Ivory Carmelo Cotton Baby Knitted Gift Box Set is adorable! 

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