Mums In Style | Tatiana Hambro Arader

Mums In Style | Tatiana Hambro Arader

Meet Tatiana Hambro Arader @tatianahambro, the newest addition to La Coqueta’s lineup of chic moms. With a career trajectory that began at British Vogue and led her to become the Editorial Director of Moda Operandi, Tatiana brings a wealth of experience and sophistication to the world of fashion. London born and now based in New York with her husband and two children, Tatiana effortlessly embodies timeless style and impeccable taste. 

 Renowned for her elegant choices—like donning a custom dress by Barbara Tfank and the Lygon family tiara from the Victorian era on her wedding day—Tatiana is the epitome of grace and sophistication. La Coqueta had the pleasure of catching up with her to discuss all things fashion, her love for New York, and the essential wardrobe staples every mom needs. 


 What have you loved most about your career so far? 

Working in fashion means you’re constantly surrounded by inspiration and learning. The work itself—the output—is inspiring; it offers a lens through which to learn about culture, politics, history… but equally it’s the people behind the work: their ideas, their experiences, their quirks and ways of being that makes each day exciting. It’s an industry driven by people with passion and individuality, which means it rarely gets boring. People like that are typically really interesting. And fun, too. 


What’s one piece of advice for aspiring Editorial Directors? 

Keep your eye on where the industry is going. Yes, everything starts with a good story. But a good story is nothing if no one gets to read, see, or hear it. Ask yourself, “how do I tell this story?” Technology is continually shifting the ways in which we communicate and consume media, so you have to pay attention to the “telling”. A lot is about delivery.    

Ok, one more thing: don’t rest on the copy, words really do matter. Norah Ephon said everything is copy. She was right. And, copy is everything.  


Tell us one fashion item that every wardrobe needs. 

Good outerwear. A statement coat, or a blazer can make an outfit all on its own. 


What is your top fashion tip right for next season? 

Chloé was the most important show of the season. For her debut collection as Creative Director, Chemena Kamali managed to rekindle the feminine bohemian heart of the brand in a way that feels fresh and forward-looking. Like it or not, that’s going to ricochet through the style sphere, so get ready to embrace it your way..! 


What’s one fashion regret you’ll never live down? 

I don’t have regrets, because they always leave you with a good story to tell... or a bad picture to laugh at. 


 Describe your ultimate Date Night for an evening in New York.

A glamorous evening at The Grill.  


Tell us one home comfort you miss the most from London?

My family. School friends. The upholstery on the underground. Cadburys. Pine Bath Essence. Civility.  


Now you’ve had your second child, is there anything you think you’ll do differently this time?

Sleep train! And try not to sweat the small stuff so much. 


Who is your dream person to interview, present or past?

Honestly, I could talk to a roll of loo paper. Give me an hour with anyone and I’ll give you a good conversation. Or so I’d like to think! 


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