Tips For Celebrating Baby's First Thanksgiving

Tips For Celebrating Baby's First Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 2023 with our helpful tips for celebrating baby’s first thanksgiving.

Start New Family Traditions

Start a new family tradition for baby's first Thanksgiving, like dressing in festive pyjamas the night before. For families with older children, spend time going around the Thanksgiving table and share one of your favourite childhood memories or stories with each other.

Choose A Special Outfit

Discover special Thanksgiving and turkey-day outfits for baby boys and girls with La Coqueta's unique Spanish designs.



Newborn Thanksgiving Outfits


Baby Girl Thanksgiving Outfits


Baby Boy Thanksgiving Outfits


Try New Foods

If your baby has the go-ahead to start solid foods, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce new tastes and textures to their diet! Remember, introduce new foods separately at least four days apart ahead of the big day, to help you identify any triggers or reactions. We love this helpful guide to Thanksgiving Baby Food Recipes - don't forget to prepare yourself with La Coqueta's muslins and bibs for those inevitable spills!



Newborn babies spend most of their time eating and sleeping. Invest in baby essentials like swaddles and super soft blankets to keep the baby comfortable and close to you during the day.


3-6 months

As babies start to grow, their play time increases, and they love to be entertained. Discover artisanal baby nests for and soft blankets for wrapping up warm, guaranteed to put a smile on their face.


6-9 months

Babies start to crawl and teeth from 6 months, so be sure to set up a designated play area to give your little one enough space (without getting themselves into any trouble!) Discover our adorable soft leather pre-walker shoes that are perfect for cruising, in a range of seasonal shades that ensure plenty of wear.


9-12 months

Babies will begin to stand and learn to walk from this age and explore the physical properties around them. Stimulate their minds with puzzle boxes that involve dropping objects and learning to problem solve and ensure your little one puts their best foot forward with well-fitting first-walker shoes.


Travelling On Baby's First Thanksgiving

Travelling with a baby can be hard work, especially for the most seasoned parents! Keep the essentials like changing bags, travel changing mats and muslins close to maintain health and comfort whilst on the go and choose soft jersey pieces for travelling in that ensure total comfort.

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